How do you put a degree sign in HTML?

Encoding. The degree sign is consisted of in Unicode as U +00 B0 ° DEGREE INDICATION (HTML ° · ° ).

Which HTML entity represents an area character?

Some Beneficial HTML Character Entities

Outcome Description Entity Call
non-breaking area ;
< && ampersand
& How do you type the degree sign? Press and hold the ALT secret and type 0 1 7 6 on the numerical keypad of your keyboard. Ensure the NumLock is on and type 0176 with the leading no. If there is no numerical keypad, press and hold the Fn prior to typing the 0176 varieties of degree sign.
How do you print degrees Celsius in HTML? Degree Celsius UNICODE. U +02103.




CSS CODE. 2103. ℃ material: “2103”;

  1. What is the code for area?
  2. ASCII codes for Area
  3. Area decimal code:
  4. 3210
  5. Area binary code:


Area octal code:

158 Area escape series:
Area HTML code: What is HTML 4.0 called entities?
A character entity is an SGML construct that recommendations a character of the file character set. The file character set for HTML is the Universal Character Set (UCS) of This set is character-by-character equivalent to Unicode 2.0 (
When should I utilize HTML entities?

Entities can be helpful when:

Your keyboard does not support the character you require to type. [ISO10646] Your editor does not support Unicode (really typical some years earlier, however most likely not today).[UNICODE] You wish to make it specific in the source what is occurring.

You require to leave HTML unique characters like <

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