3 Ways To Use A Crystal Photo Frame

You want to stamp a crystal photo on your favorite picture, but somehow you have an ugly background on your precious photo? No need to fret; there are now photo stamps that can hide backgrounds and give the photo a polished look. Professional photographers can even create photo stamps that are perfect for framing a particular subject. But how do you choose the right stamp to use when stamping a crystal photo?

If you plan to use the crystal photo as a design element in a product, such as a CD cover or DVD case, then it is imperative that you find a professional company who can engrave your image. Professional engravers will usually isolate the subject from the rest of the background for free in order for the viewer in the photo to best benefit from the crystal image. If you plan to use a crystal photo as a back-cloth for marketing your business, then it is also a good idea to engrave the front and back of the CD cover. Using marketing materials that are personalized, such as photo crystals, makes your items more interesting and also makes them stand out.

There are several options available for the purpose of displaying your crystal photo, including: frosted glass, etched glass, and 3D photo crystal photo albums. Crystal photo albums are one of the most popular ways to display your picture collection. They can be used as wedding favors, for baby shower gifts, corporate gifts, and more. The price of an individual crystal photo album can range anywhere from ten dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on the number of photos included. Most crystal photo albums are eight by nine inches, with each photograph being placed on its own individual page.

There are also two other common types of stamp available for use with your crystal photo block, translucent and opaque. Translucent stamps, which allow light to pass through their surface, enable the viewer to see the depth of the image and create an enhanced sense of depth. This is particularly useful if your picture is of a small animal or item. For this type of photo, an opaque crystal frame with a luminous base is most effective.

For high-quality photographs, one of the most popular ways to display them is to use a clear acrylic photo frame with a backlight. Using a backlight in your crystal photo frame can produce three of the most flattering effects possible, namely: dramatic contrast, dramatic lighting, and a warm glow. With a clear acrylic photo frame, the back light can be turned on either side to illuminate either the upper or bottom half of your image or turned off to completely avoid lighting. Using a backlight crystal photo frame allows the viewer to see the subtle variations in color, tone, or texture in your image. To create a more dramatic effect, flip your image upside down and let the back light shine on the artwork, this will also enhance the depth of your image.

The most cutting edge crystal photo decorating product on the market is the laser photo block. This new innovation from the world of crystal photo frames is designed to cut out all the corners in your favourite pictures with precision. Unlike regular crystal photo blocks, the laser photo block is a liquid acrylic material that is applied with a brush applicator and then etched onto your photograph. Once the insides are etched, your photograph becomes one tiny crystal, just like a mirror, so you can instantly illuminate your favourite picture with this revolutionary product.

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